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Digital display cases

The emphasis on product presentation at the point of sale (POS) is growing just as rapidly as the customer’s demand for additional information. This results in an ever-increasing fusion between the physical and digital world.

Interactive elements in particular, such as digital display cases, mean new perspectives to be created.
The “digital display case” consists of a transparent multi-touch screen, which is placed in a made-to-order display case. The number of products on display can be selected individually. When the transparent screen is touched, the customer receives additional information about the products on display. If the product were an incorporated engine, for example, its corresponding image could be rotated and viewed from different perspectives.

Digital cases at a glance:
  • Fully transparent 26”, 32”, 40” displays
  • One-touch or multi-touch
  • Content creation
  • Customised configuration of the display area
  • Energy-efficient LED illumination
Let our employees advise you and create a new stage for your products with the help of “invisible” technology.



Clean Air Tower

Westiform develops a new prevention product for more hygiene and clean air. With the beginning of autumn, the danger of an aerosol infection in closed rooms increases. The Clean Air Tower combines the AiroDoctor-certified air filter with Westiform's proven disinfectant dispensers. 
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