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Hygiene prevention products from Westiform

Westiform differentiates between distance and hygiene-related products in the prevention range. The entire product range serves to reduce infections. Quickly and easily ensuring a safe working and shopping atmosphere, while adhering to the required safety concepts.

Thanks to a balanced protection concept, companies in all sectors succeed in conveying a visible and perceptible sense of security, which is welcomed by employees, customers and guests and protects against droplet infection. Discover also our preventive hygiene products: 
  • Versatile disinfection stations with digital display or analogue advertising space
  • Clean air in closed rooms thanks to the AiroDoctor certified air purifier
  • Our Clean Air Tower combination product with which you have both non-contact hand disinfection and clean air in one device - with digital or analogue advertising space 
Our products effectively support you in the physical distancing: You can also purchase our standard products in our online shop: westiform-shop.com. 

All products are available in the shortest possible time, depending on demand, of course. Contact us today for a non-binding offer.
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