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Illuminated Signage

At dusk and during the night, our eyes search for new orientation points. Sources of light serve as orientation points. The medium simultaneously becomes the message, conveying a good name or a strong brand. Our specialists ensure that your message is displayed in the best possible light.

Illuminated signage is your three-dimensional visiting card during the day and at night. Observers perceive the illuminated signage from various distances and angles, whether as pedestrians, motorists, or from other buildings. The aim is to ensure recognition from all locations.

The choice of colours and materials used to create illuminated advertising is crucial for legibility, recognisability, and conveying brand values in the best possible way. Westiform is your partner both for filigree solutions in city centres as well as for large-scale signage at shopping centres and industrial estates.

Whether direct, indirect, or artificially illuminated, whether illuminated with neon, LEDS or fluorescent lamps: explore the range of different possibilities and processes available and find the right solution for your illuminated signage.

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