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wf | Mira illuminated signs are popular elements of illuminated signage. They are also known as light boxes, sign boxes, flag signs, or projecting signs.

Depending on the types of design and attachment, illuminated signs have a different effect. Signs which project from a building, so-called flag or projecting signs, for example in passages, can have the effect of a stopper. When mounted on walls, they are often an economical alternative to illuminated lettering. Illuminated signs can be realised in single-sided or double-sided format.

Depending on the design of your logo or your brand name, implementation in individual letters can be very time-consuming or not possible at all: illuminated signs are the alternative here. Illuminated signs can also be combined with illuminated lettering by pushing the individual letters through the front of the illuminated sign.

We will be pleased to provide comprehensive advice and to recommend a design tailored to your environment and your budget. Take a preliminary look at the various basic possibilities shown in the following pictures and accompanying texts.



Welcome Raphaël Berger

In mid-November 2021, Raphaël Berger will start as CEO of the WIN Group and Managing Director of Westiform AG. Raphaël Berger looks back on a long career with Fribourg-Gottéron: first as a player, later in administration and most recently over nine years as CEO. We welcome him warmly and look forward to working with him.
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