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wf | Maia illuminated advertising elements

wf | Maia illuminated signs, pylons and steles are tried and tested lettering elements which we are able to offer to you with an extremely impressive price-performance ratio. The product family is the classic in the Westiform standard product range and therefore earns the name Maia, which means something like 'grandmother'.

The wf | Maia product family brings together our extensive experience and the requirements of the illuminated signage market. We have developed a standard product range which is distinguished by its uniform illumination, very simple mounting and maintenance friendliness.  In addition, wf |Maia features an impressive range of applications and lettering possibilities (using foil technology or digital printing), an impressive price-performance ratio, and very short delivery times.

All elements can be combined with innovative wf| Libra light control and rendered dimmable as a result.

The double-sided pylons are 180 mm flat and available in the sizes 600 × 1800 mm,  600 × 2400 mm,  1000 × 3000 mm. The frame profiles consist of clear anodised aluminium; the illuminated covers are manufactured from white opal (light-transmitting) acrylic sheet. LEDs are used for uniform, energy-efficient illumination. The pylons are supplied ready for connection and can be installed directly on the site-built foundation. The smallest variant is also suitable for indoor areas and can be mounted on a ground plate or a pedestal with rollers.

The single- and double-sided illuminated transparencies are available in various sizes from 700 x 700 mm to1600 x 1000 mm. They can be mounted flat, projecting from the wall, or suspended from the ceiling. The frame profiles consist of clear anodised aluminium; the front covers are fabricated from light-transmitting acrylic sheet. All illuminated transparencies are supplied fully functional and ready for connection.



Welcome Raphaël Berger

In mid-November 2021, Raphaël Berger will start as CEO of the WIN Group and Managing Director of Westiform AG. Raphaël Berger looks back on a long career with Fribourg-Gottéron: first as a player, later in administration and most recently over nine years as CEO. We welcome him warmly and look forward to working with him.
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