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Sirius, the namesake of the new Westiform illuminated lettering, is the brightest star in the night sky. Just like the star, wf | Sirius is characterised by its brilliant, uniform illumination. In addition, the slim design and energy efficiency make the product a real star in the illuminated signage sky.

The slim illuminated letters of wf | Sirius meet all the requirements for elegant, space- and energy-saving illuminated signage, both indoors and outdoors. Filigree illuminated signage elements are an essential requirement for approval by the authorities, especially in city centres and old-town districts. 

The illuminated letters feature a low overall depth of only 24 millimetres, are waterproof, and have a service life of  approximately 50,000 operating hours. A software-controlled LED allocation makes it possible to achieve uniform illumination of the letter bodies while at the same time using as few LEDs as possible. High-quality LEDs selected in accordance with strict criteria ensure a pure white colour. The lettering is unique due to its combination of exceptional properties in terms of energy consumption, uniform light distribution, luminosity (pure white) and slim design.

Not only lettering but also all other shapes such as logo emblems or geometrical shapes can be produced in wf | Sirius construction.


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The Freddie Mercury

Spannendes Hotel Projekt von Westiform



WIN Group

Westiform, ID Néon and Nicklex will in future become the WIN GROUP. The new group of companies - owned by the Hofmann family - will become the most important solution provider for visual communication in Switzerland: analogue and digital, indoor and outdoor, local and national.
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