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Whether as directional signs, information boards or as brand elements: signs are excellent identification elements at close range visually.

Signs can be manufactured from a wide range of materials: metal, plastic, enamel. Signs and placards made of enamel combine interesting product features: they are UV-resistant, virtually scratch-proof, do not rust and are therefore exceptionally suitable for use outdoors.

The signs can be embossed and cambered, gold, silver and chrome colours making them appear resplendent. These high-quality products are still manufactured almost exclusively by hand.



Welcome Raphaël Berger

In mid-November 2021, Raphaël Berger will start as CEO of the WIN Group and Managing Director of Westiform AG. Raphaël Berger looks back on a long career with Fribourg-Gottéron: first as a player, later in administration and most recently over nine years as CEO. We welcome him warmly and look forward to working with him.
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