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The human eye responds to moving shapes. Logos that play with light and shade attract our attention and are also easy to read from a distance. Westiform specialises in manufacturing illuminated logos that simulate the play of light and shade at dusk and during the night.

The gleaming silver logos of MINI, Hyundai, Honda and Nissan convey to customers the commitment of these companies to quality and design. During the day, they reflect the sunlight, creating a fascinating, constantly changing interplay with reflections of the surroundings, light and shade.

But how can this effect be achieved at night as well? If the logos are uniformly illuminated from the back only, the 3D effect is lost. The logo is harder to read and the shapes and colours blur, at times even from intermediate distances. The solution is to simulate a light-and-shade effect at night as well.

To achieve this, Westiform uses a second, printed shell that is inserted between the exterior shell and the lighting element and is invisible during the day. When the lighting element is switched on, it creates a shade effect in the right place on the logo by allowing the light to shine through completely, partially, or not at all. The result is an amazing 3D effect, even from a considerable distance.

The art lies in fulfilling the design criteria precisely and making the shade appear natural. Westiform has many years of experience with this procedure, particularly for large vacuum-moulded logos. Westiform prints the inside shells using a screen-printing technique that is extremely resistant to fading and weathering and achieves soft transitions thanks to an optimised printing pattern.



WIN Group

Westiform, ID Néon and Nicklex will in future become the WIN GROUP. The new group of companies - owned by the Hofmann family - will become the most important solution provider for visual communication in Switzerland: analogue and digital, indoor and outdoor, local and national.
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