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With our range of high-quality, prevention-related products, you help protect your employees, customers and guests against droplet infection. Easily provide a safe shopping and working atmosphere in accordance with the required safety concepts. Our products support you quickly and effectively in the physical distance

  • Versatile disinfection station with digital display or integrated analogue advertising space
  • Our virus protection screens are already used by many companies, they can be adapted to all supports: at counters, workplaces, as well as in catering and waiting areas.
  • Our hygiene masks are washable, handmade and can be individually personalised with your logo.
  • With our customer information displays you can mark waiting areas and share important hygiene information.
All our products are available in the shortest possible time and according to your needs, contact us now for a non-binding offer.

Take care of yourself and your loved ones,
Your Westiform AG team

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