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Workplace shields

Protect your employees, customers and guests. Westiform offers you protective screens that are tailored to your work situation.

The return to daily working life is gradually taking hold. As some workplaces are easier to separate than others, this presents a risk for employees due to fixed installations. With the workplace shields, Westiform offers elegant solutions that facilitate the return to the office. The solutions are available in different materials and colours and can be adapted to individual requirements.

The anti-virus or droplet protection shield is a device made of acrylic glass and is available in two versions. Individual requests with other dimensions can be realised quickly.
Cleaning and disinfection of our protective screens can be carried out using commercially available cleaning agents. All available versions are space-saving and can be easily stored and stowed away.
Standard sizes
Based on our experience we have defined two standard models that we can deliver in a very short period of time.

Protective screens for work areas
Type AS 
  • W: 600 x H: 500 mm x D: 310 mm

Type AM 
  • W: 1500 x H: 500 mm x D: 310 mm
General characteristics
  • Clear acrylic glass, 4 mm thick
  • Tool-free installation, on legs or table top fixing system
  • Possibility of adding an adhesive film (logo, warnings, pictograms, etc.)
  • Individual production
If your working concept does not allow the use of standardised sizes, we are committed to developing and manufacturing customised solutions as quickly as possible.
Would you like to purchase our protective screens? Please contact us at the following address: info@westiform.ch.
Sneeze guard for office situations
Sneeze guard for office situations
Sneeze guard
Sneeze guard
Typ AM sneeze guard
Typ AM sneeze guard
Combining sneeze guards with panels
Combining sneeze guards with panels
Typ AS sneeze guard
Typ AS sneeze guard



Clean Air Tower

Westiform develops a new prevention product for more hygiene and clean air. With the beginning of autumn, the danger of an aerosol infection in closed rooms increases. The Clean Air Tower combines the AiroDoctor-certified air filter with Westiform's proven disinfectant dispensers. 
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