During the course of redesigning the AVIA brand, Westiform equipped several petrol stations with new corporate design elements. The fascia banners of lacquer-finished aluminium with integrated lettering represent the most striking element.

The AVIA lettering elements are integrated in the fascia banners. The largest illuminated lettering element measures 3.9 x 1.5 metres and is extremely slim with a depth of 12 cm. The letters are constructed of coloured acrylic glass; the frames are white and allow the light to shine through unobtrusively.

The non-illuminated steles, which act as directional signs for visitors, and the tall 5.5- metre-high display panel at the entrance were likewise produced by Westiform. The display panel was produced in modular design. The elements consist of lacquer-finished aluminium, and the lettering of flush-inserted translucent glass. The display panel is also illuminated with LEDs.

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