With the “BOSCH Parkhaus” lettering above the A8 Autobahn near Stuttgart, Westiform has manufactured one of the world’s largest LED-illuminated signs. The energy-efficient letters are eight metres high and – together with the BOSCH logo with its 12-metre diametre – weigh over 30 tonnes.

Maintaining this extraordinary illuminated signage, which is viewed over 250,000 times per day, is a top priority for BOSCH. Four times a year, experienced employees from Westiform go over the entire system from top to bottom checking the technical and electrical components and cleaning the letters, which are accessible from the inside with ladders and are connected to each other with a catwalk.

The illuminated signage on the “BOSCH Parkhaus” is planned to operate for 10 years and is equipped with the latest lighting and control technology. A dimming function that reacts to weather and light conditions regulates the brightness of the system automatically. This prevents drivers from being blinded by the sign’s light at night or when it is foggy.

With its decades of experience in manufacturing large-scale and unique illuminated signage, Westiform was able to design, manufacture and install the system in just 105 business days.The statistical calculations alone filled 10,000 DIN A4 pages. Since being commissioned in 2007, the sign has operated faultlessly. 

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