KIA seeks to stand out through independent, attractive designs, in both vehicle presentation and dealership identification. This is achieved in part through the staging of top locations with brick red in colour facades and effective Westiform illuminated advertising structures.

The Korean brand name KIA places special emphasis on an attractive appearance. This is notably reflected in the labelling of the dealership network with stylish illuminated signage elements.

Red Cube is the new concept that has thus far been implemented at two pilot locations in Germany. Both of the KIA wholesaler buildings were fitted with brick red in colour facades and were branded with effective Westiform illuminated signage elements. Whether pylons, illuminated neon signs or logos - the signage elements have a delicate appearance at an installation depth of only 80 millimetres. The high-quality LED illumination ensures high-energy efficiency.

KIA has placed its confidence in the overall Westiform package for eight years now. It consists of quality products and first class service; from on the spot detail assessment to an experienced program management team, right up to effective documentation. In particular, KIA's confidence in our expertise leads to our involvement as consultants at an early stage in developing new corporate design elements.

KIA's confidence in the Westiform service portfolio is so great that overall around 600 KIA locations in Europe will be equipped with Westiform labelling elements.

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