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The KIA symbol on the Korean automobile manufacturer’s vehicles has always shined brilliantly in chrome. KIA has now decided to equip their dealers as well with the high quality chrome effect to enhance the visual appearance of their car salons. Westiform developed, produces and supplies the new KIA chrome logos.

The rapidly expanding Korean car manufacturer KIA attaches great importance to an attractive appearance. Just recently, KIA’s design agency optimized their visual appearance, by designing a new modern geometry for the KIA symbol and featuring in chrome in almost all means of communication. Now it is time to take up the new corporate design and in the marking increase the attractiveness of the dealer appearance alike.

As a long-time partner, Westiform received the development contract for the new design elements. In close cooperation with the agencies, numerous variants have been developed. These were put through their paces, so they not only look best in close-up, but also impress from a distance. The logo had to be both readable and elegant. Four favourites were identified and presented in Korea.

The choice was an easy fix with a twist. In the dark, the chrome surface becomes transparent and lights up in white. Since the KIA letters are relatively deep, the major challenge was to make sure that the lamps are not visible from the side.
The solution: A letter in white, which is built into the chrome letters. The letter, also deformed with vacuum, also ensures a diffuser for nifty shadow effects.

Westiform has already supplied more than 30 countries worldwide with more than 1,000 elements. The conversion project runs until 2015. The offered products range from chrome shells, to complete products, such as pylons and facade bands.

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