For the energy company SOCAR Energy Switzerland, Westiform delivers high-quality, energy-efficient branding elements. As a premium brand, SOCAR wants to stand out visually from its competitors. This goal will be achieved by means of noble, black branding elements decorated with a simple yet effective flame pattern. Complex large-scale projects with demanding illuminated signage elements are in best hands with us.

This summer, SOCAR acquired all the shares of Esso Switzerland GmbH and with them the network of 160 Esso petrol stations from ExxonMobil. To access the Swiss market SOCAR founded the Swiss company SOCAR Energy Switzerland and placed an order for the new corporate design. Westiform produced the prototypes for the illuminating branding elements and now provides the first SOCAR petrol stations in Zurich with innovative, aesthetically groundbreaking illuminated signage elements.

In addition to the SOCAR roof strap with logo and lettering and an electronic display mast that can be updated remotely, we also deliver facade bands and sheet advertising space. The elements by Westiform reflect the quality and premium standard promoted by SOCAR. Noteworthy are the surfaces: a flame pattern with high-gloss mirror finish is applied on satin ground. By day (unlit) and at night (illuminated), it is unobtrusive and yet looks alive. Instead of metal sheets, aluminium composite sheets were used. This results in flat, wave-free advertising space.

The advertising elements by Westiform require only a minimum amount of energy - on average, half of what conventional petrol station signage systems use. Special LEDs that are optimally distributed in the filament with high light output provide a perfect and at the same time power saving illumination.

The entire branding has been developed as a modular system. From simple labels for self-service petrol stations to the flagship stations the same elements can be used - only combined differently. Westiform has extensive experience in conducting complex large-scale projects in illuminated signage systems. As total contractor we take care of the project from A to Z, from the design to the final assembly of the illuminated signage systems.

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