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The new identification elements for Subaru shine as brightly as the Seven Sisters star cluster (Pleiades), from which the name Subaru is derived. These six stars are also represented in Subaru's logo, which Westiform manufactured using a special technical process, known as vacuum moulding, and then plated in chrome.

Westiform is outfitting 220 Subaru dealers in Switzerland with new corporate design elements for their interior and exterior areas. From prototyping to installation, Westiform provides general contracting services. 
Westiform is supplying pylons, fascia, illuminated transparencies and POS elements for Subaru. While the impressive pylons on pillars ensure an optimum long-distance effect, our 3D logos grab the spotlight in the showroom. 
Maintaining the silvery visual effect of the 3D logos both night and day was a particular challenge. Westiform was able to provide Subaru with an impressive solution thanks to many years of experience in planning and implementing visual communication elements. The logo was given a silver metallic coating using a special process. This creates a particularly impressive effect, as during the day the logos look like solid metal, while at night they shine with a white brilliance thanks to the light-transmitting coating process. This feature enables the illuminated signage to display a full 3D-effect in darkness as well.
This extensive project for the world's largest manufacturer of all-wheel-drive passenger vehicles should be completed by the first quarter of 2016.
Gleaming silver logos convey high standards of quality and design
Gleaming silver logos convey high standards of quality and design

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