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Within a very short time, Westiform has managed to upgrade the Swisscom Digital Signage system with a state-of-the-art solution in 90 shops. This achievement includes not only full HD and the perfect synchronisation of multiple side-by-side computer screens, but also the option of using a touch panel to convert from the playlist to live TV.

Westiform is a long-standing partner of Swisscom in the area of illuminated signage and lettering in indoor and outdoor applications. The telecommunication company is now capitalising on Digital Signage from Westiform. The benefit: Swisscom obtains everything from a single source and thus achieves high synergy effects regarding not only consistency of the brand management, but also coordination efforts and implementation time.

Swisscom has already been using Digital Signage for sales promotion in its shops for several years now. Every single installation is equipped with three full HD monitors, forming what is referred to as the media wall. The new solution is intended to increase the picture quality, centrally control the advertising in three languages and enable the intuitive conversion from live TV to shop content. The main requirement for this was to continue using the existing hardware and to solely replace the software.

The result is fascinating. The existing hardware was able to be maintained in its entirety. The only purchase necessary here was the new touch panel, which now allows Swisscom employees to switch from the advertising content (playlist) to Swisscom live TV by simply pressing a button.

The picture quality has been increased four-fold. Razor-sharp images ensure a strong eye-catching effect among the customers. The animated advertising content runs smoothly across the three connected viewing screens. The Swisscom marketing department can upload the content directly from the Web. The data are centrally hosted by an external computer centre.

Westiform is in charge of providing support for the hardware and software. The start-up was completed throughout Switzerland within two months.

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Moving images ensure a strong eye-catching effect
Moving images ensure a strong eye-catching effect

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