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Vodafone Eschborn

Westiform outfitted the Vodafone shop in Eschborn with new corporate design elements. The most striking element is the curved fascia which is integrated perfectly in the architecture of the entrance portal.

Westiform developed an aluminium 8.03-m-long and 550-mm-wide fascia for the Vodafone shop in Eschborn. Its most distinctive feature is its curved shape. 
The lettering is made of coloured acrylic glass and the frames are white, allowing the light to glow softly through the translucent surface.
Westiform also renovated an old advertising tower for Vodafone. With its six metres in height, the tower is visible from a great distance. To carry out the renovation, Westiform developed a mount for the existing tower construction as well as three custom-made illuminated transparencies.
The three illuminated transparencies, each 3.83 m long and 2.44 m high, are installed on three custom-made 0.31-m-deep frames. Their rear walls are made of aluminium and have a mount to attach them to the existing tower structure. 
The stretched fabric of the transparencies achieves a uniform lighting effect day and night thanks to a digitally-printed foil coating and LED illumination.
The installation of the three large illuminated transparencies presented a further challenge which it was only possible to master with a professional installation team. 
Curved fascia fits into the existing architecture perfectly
Curved fascia fits into the existing architecture perfectly

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