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A virtual welcome enriches the customer experience

The first virtual receptionist in the Raiffeisen group is now working for the Alchenflüh-Kirchberg branch office. She lightens the workload for the local team and is the talk of not just the town, but of the entire region. The innovative Digital Signage solution is the future-oriented and resource-saving method of personal customer contact.

The receptionist works in a central studio in Burgdorf and is broadcast on a display in real time in Alchenflüh-Kirchberg by a camera at the branch office of the Raiffeisenbank Region Burgdorf.

Above all, the innovative Digital Signage solution in Alchenflüh-Kirchberg shortens the customer waiting time until one of the two local customer consultants becomes available. The "virtual" receptionist also schedules appointments and provides information about financial products and such topics as the exchange rate. She provides information to the customers via tablet. This also appears on a second, life-size screen. The customers will soon be able to use a touchscreen to interact directly with the displayed contents.

This sophisticated real-time display and the innovative type of interaction enriches the customer experience and thus offers surplus value for the sales area. The consultant does not need to be physically present and can serve several branch offices from one central workstation. This saves on resources and supports existing teams whenever necessary.

At one or more sites, with or without interaction: This Internet-based service offers almost unlimited personalisation options and is the perfect addition to every consulting team.

The system was developed in close collaboration with the Raiffeisenbank Region Burgdorf by the Bern communication agency visu’l with architects from GWJ Architektur and the Digital Signage experts from Westiform.
Life-size virtual receptionist welcomes customers
Life-size virtual receptionist welcomes customers

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