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Homage to the Neon Technology

Regarding signage, neon is more and more being replaced by energy-efficient LED technology. However, in the light of art it is still significant. At the Swiss Triennial of Sculpture in Bad RagARTz, the artist Christopher T. Hunziker celebrates his homage to the neon technology with his light sculptures. The art pieces were manufactured by Westiform.

Westiform and Christopher T. Hunziker are connected through a long-standing cooperation. The technically very demanding production of the light art "Chaos Lines" and "Inshallah", which can be seen in Bad Ragaz emerged in close contact with the artist and engineers, technicians and craftsmen at Westiform.

"Chaos Lines", from which one large and five small versions are shown at the Triennal, is based on five distinct linear figures. The figures were created by the artist, shaped so that they form a maximum of chaos in structure, using a minimum of forms. The simple neon lines, C. h. a. o. s. are borrowed from the alphabet and mark with their intense colours a lively presence, which appears even more chaotic and hologram-like by the reflections in the Plexiglas containers. Real 5-coloured Murano glass was used in this project.

The neon sculpture Inshallah, is derived from the calligraphic Arabic script for "so God will". Christopher T. Hunziker has developed the character in the tradition of Kufic calligraphy in collaboration with Sheikh Mohammed from the Islam Centre of Zurich and Dr. Badeen from the Arab Institute of the University of Zurich. The light sculpture can be repeated and combined, thereby amplifying its character as a transparent model structure.

All artwork can be purchased at the end of the exhibition (November 2012). If you are interested, please send us your message to info@westiform.com


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