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The Skoda Autohaus Liebe Group offers its customers a comprehensive Skoda vehicle portfolio and various services at eight locations in Central Germany. Westiform has now fitted the new dealership at the Leipzig site with a Skoda communication wall that perfectly combines analogue and digital lighting elements.

The innovative communication wall consists of the Skoda logo and several LED screens showing the latest Skoda advertising campaigns and spanning just over 16 m². The special thing about the screens is their high resolution – a pixel pitch of 5.6 mm ensures a very good image quality of 768 x 640 pixels. At the same time, the sizes of the screens and the resolution are variable and can be individually adapted to each Skoda location. Visible from a long distance, the wall ideally draws the attention of passers-by even from far away.
In addition to the hardware, Westiform is also delivering the web-based content management system (CMS) as well as an interface to marketing-specific content provided by Skoda. This way, both Skoda itself and connected dealerships can edit and read out approved contents of the CMS from any location. 
It is of great interest to dealership owners that the provided content can be individually supplemented with personal offers, services, and graphical messages. This customisation is unique, because the owner can now also use the digital elements for their own marketing purposes.
As the general contractor, Westiform handled the entire project, from planning to development, delivery, and installation on site and in only three days. In addition, Westiform also provides after-sales service for Skoda.

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