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C&A Bern

Westiform designed brand and signage elements corresponding to the new CI for the flagship store on Marktgasse in Bern.

The flagship store on Marktgasse in Bern was renovated and modernised and became the first in Switzerland to be equipped with the new brand elements. The exterior space features a total of eight illuminated logos and illuminated lettering.

Modern accents were added to the interior to create a uniform brand image. Westiform manufactured and installed illuminated logos, illuminated lettering, escalator panels, and illuminated signs, among other things.

A total of 36 wf | Mira textile illuminated signs were installed in the interior space. Their slim, 40-mm design enabled them to be integrated optimally in the architectural surroundings. The textiles/accents can be removed and replaced easily by hand (no tools required). This allows the store’s own employees to adapt them very quickly according to the current collections. At C&A, the wf | Mira signs were installed on the ceiling and the wall and measure between 1700 and 3750 millimetres. The two illuminated signs that act as gateways with superimposed flat lettering and pillar cladding to help customers find their way around are another highlight.

A Westiform-designed metal and plastic construction with embedded LED modules is just as impressive. It covers the space alongside the escalator and extends over four storeys with a remarkable length of 17 metres.

C&A benefited from a complete service package from Westiform, from the design and manufacturing of the elements to the survey of the construction site and the perfect installation executed in coordination with the renovation work. All in all, a masterful performance.

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