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C&A Rebranding Freiburg

C&A is one of the biggest fashion retailers in Europe, with over 2,000 stores. In the course of its rebranding, Westiform fitted the store in Freiburg, Germany – as one of the first – with labelling and signage elements in the new ‘2D’ design. The C&A logo is no longer red/blue, but completely white, with a bronze background.

The outdoor area boasts a total of five illuminated logos in the dimensions 0.50 to 1.50 metres and an illuminated projection sign in the dimensions 0.50 by 0.38 metres. Modern touches have also been added in the interior for a uniform brand image: a total of 22 double-sided, luminous light boxes have been installed – in the new design, in the colour anthracite.
From technical consulting to design, development, manufacturing, and delivery, Westiform is providing full service as a general contractor.
So far, Westiform has fitted around 300 C&A stores in over 15 countries.

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