OSIS (Online Site Information System)

Thanks to Westiform and the OSIS online workflow project management tool, you can ensure that your properties in Switzerland, Europe and around the world have a uniform image. Check the current appearance of your company headquarters on the other side of the world and see how it will look with a new corporate design. The only requirement is internet access.

Complex lettering projects for a chain of shops or companies require careful planning, control and transparent communication. Westiform offers you the possibility to follow project progress in detail for each individual location at all times. Internet access and a browser are all that are needed.

With our OSIS (Online Site Information System) online tool, you can see at a glance what is happening where. You can manage dates and approve orders. All documents are always accessible for you online – from survey documentation to planning applications, acceptance photos and invoices.

OSIS reduces the complexity of a corporate design change by dividing the entire project into manageable single steps and assigning appropriate time and content parameters to each of the individual steps. This creates transparency, which contributes significantly to a structured course of action, process security and the avoidance of errors. After completion of the project, the database can be saved for network maintenance if you wish.

Using a rights system, as many users as desired can work on OSIS. Third parties can also be incorporated into the system. The activities can be viewed in reports. Further advantages include the direct flow of information between all project participants and the above-average adherence to deadlines thanks to escalation functions.

OSIS operates independent of location and platform. The user-friendly solution can be integrated easily into existing IT infrastructure. No additional software installations are required.

OSIS is available in German, English and French, with further languages feasible as well. OSIS can already create documents in 38 languages, which can also include text in the Cyrillic and Greek alphabets.

Your benefits at a glance:
  • The project sequence is defined mutually and then controlled automatically by the System
  • Everyone involved in the project is kept informed regarding its current status
  • You can access and evaluate documents, drawings, plans and images for each property
  • The data is also available for network maintenance in the future
  • No software installation required, intuitive use
  • It is possible to work from any location at any time
  • User- and password-protected
  • Data exchange with ERP Systems
  • Interface between marketing and facility management with useful evaluation Options
  • Decentralized data recording

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Clean Air Tower

Westiform develops a new prevention product for more hygiene and clean air. With the beginning of autumn, the danger of an aerosol infection in closed rooms increases. The Clean Air Tower combines the AiroDoctor-certified air filter with Westiform's proven disinfectant dispensers. 
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