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Whether your requirement is for a single illuminated sign, a series of illuminated signs, directional systems, light art, or digital signage elements: Westiform’s customer consultants know from experience which materials and techniques present your brand in the best way and meet your requirements. Individual and creative solutions are our strength. We attach particular value to power-saving and user-friendly products and sustainable materials.

Westiform’s consultants introduce you to products with which they are thoroughly familiar and understand. They know which type of presentation lends itself to your brand and in your environment, provide individual advice, and look for the right solution with you. Energy efficiency, user-friendliness and quality have utmost priority. To enable you to form a picture of your project, Westiform compiles true-to-scale photographic material and sketches. For larger-scale and/or technically innovative projects, we manufacture prototypes for you.

Specialist project teams are responsible for corporate design changes of major customers, which we supply on a national and international basis. Clients such as Schindler, Alcan, Opel, and Nespresso rely on our expertise. With its own flexible and extensive production facilities and a worldwide network of proficient partner companies, Westiform is able to implement trans-national corporate design changes in an efficient, flexible, and cost-conscious way.



Welcome Raphaël Berger

In mid-November 2021, Raphaël Berger will start as CEO of the WIN Group and Managing Director of Westiform AG. Raphaël Berger looks back on a long career with Fribourg-Gottéron: first as a player, later in administration and most recently over nine years as CEO. We welcome him warmly and look forward to working with him.
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