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Ordering a sign is often associated with dismantling old illuminated signage or lettering. Westiform removes the old installation professionally and passes it on to a certified recycling company. On request, we also organise façade cleaning and renovations to remove the traces of the earlier installation.

A large proportion of the materials used for illuminated advertising, such as metal, glass and plastic, can be reused after clean separation. Recycling must be carried out by a professional, as neon tubes and fluorescent lamps may contain small amounts of heavy metal. Westiform works with certified disposal companies which disassemble the installations into their individual parts and recycle them in line with the latest safety standards.


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Westiform supplied our modern digital
signage products for a highly-frequented location.


Snipes is a retail chain for street wear and sneakers, and, with over 190 shops, it is one of the largest chains in Europe.



WIN Group

Westiform, ID Néon and Nicklex will in future become the WIN GROUP. The new group of companies - owned by the Hofmann family - will become the most important solution provider for visual communication in Switzerland: analogue and digital, indoor and outdoor, local and national.
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