Are you looking for a partner who can implement complete lettering, a directional system, or light art projects? With Westiform, you are certain to make the right choice. We offer individual, creative, flexible solutions of exceptional quality.

Do you have a requirement for directional systems or would you like to install easily legible lettering in several locations? Do you have a special request and are you looking for a suitable special solution? Would you like to design a showroom or reception area with light and digital elements, or even to realise a work of light art?

We offer the right solution: whether for an indoor or outdoor area at a corporate location, in a public space, at a point of sale, trade fair or other event. Westiform manufactures your products in its own facilities and thus guarantees quality, flexibility, and solutions which are tailor-made for your requirements. We combine exact craftsmanship with state-of-the-art materials and processes.

Westiform guarantees an optimum solution for your project – whether for SMEs, large corporations, advertisers, architects or artists.

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