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Interior Areas

Are you looking for a solution for a brilliant presence in an interior area? Do you require lettering solutions for buildings to show visitors the way? Are you looking for a unique illuminated presentation form for your brand at the point of sale? Would you like to design a showroom or a reception area? At Westiform, you will find the right solution for your enterprise.

In architecture, rooms which are protected from outdoor weather influence are known as interior areas. The arrangement of an interior area presents new challenges. Do you want to position your brand, your products and messages, for example, in a shop, in a shopping centre, or at a trade fair? Are you planning a showroom, a reception area, or do you require a directional system which shows visitors the way in complex buildings or rooms?

Working on the basis of your needs and the spatial conditions, we advise you and develop an exemplary solution which is tailor-made for your organisation and matched to your corporate design. As professionals dealing with light, shapes, colours and modern materials, we put your brand and your products in the spotlight.

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