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Would you like to showcase trends, innovations or products in a brilliant light? To make it possible for your customers to experience your brand first-hand and in three-dimensional form? We aim to design a showroom for you which presents your company’s best side.

We create distinctive brand worlds for you which are matched to your corporate design. On the basis of your requirements, we provide you with professional advice. With the aid of realistic project sketches, we visualise our innovative ideas for you. To manufacture the products, we use high-quality materials and process them precisely. Individual elements combined with digital signage are integral parts of our showroom solutions. We create an authentic brand world which makes it possible for your brand’s messages to be experienced with all the senses. From conception through to installation, we assume responsibility for the entire handling process, thus enabling us to offer you efficient planning. This has the advantage that we can guarantee a virtually problem-free project sequence. As professionals dealing with colours, shapes and materials, we add striking highlights to your showroom which will leave a lasting impression on your clients..



WIN Group

Westiform, ID Néon and Nicklex will in future become the WIN GROUP. The new group of companies - owned by the Hofmann family - will become the most important solution provider for visual communication in Switzerland: analogue and digital, indoor and outdoor, local and national.
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